Monday, 4 June 2012

The City of Inspiration

A city having more than a million people keeping the streets busy. In 1992 the city became part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. It receives over 4 million international visitors in a year and is the sixth most visited city in Europe. Its existence started in the year 800 A.D. On 15 March 1939 Hitler ordered the German Army to enter the city to proclaim the castle. On 5 May 1945 the majority of the German population either fled or was expelled from the city after the third Shock Army entered the city.


On Sunday morning, 20 May 2012, I got the chance to visit this city for 3 days (and the honor to spend my B-Day in this city). And to make it more special, I had a family member (Mother) who traveled over 10 000 km to visit me in Dresden, Germany. She had a conference in Prague, so nice company in the evenings... and a lot of exploring during the day while she was at work. Sounds like a pretty good plan!

We stayed at a very nice place (The Holiday Inn - Vyšerad) for the couple of days. I heard a lot of stories of this city... now it was time to experience it!

The main trem stop I used in Prague was Muzeum. It is the stop at the Wenceslas Square street.... a street full of life! It is a street with quite a slope... so my favourite part was walking down... It is street full of souvenir shops, and ladies... a LOT of clothe shops too! The first thing I had to buy was... yes... Absinthe! For Prague is known for the city which invented this potent drink, but... unfortunately they stopped producing the real Absinthe in the 18th century...

Now... to explain the routes I followed while touring Prague is close to impossible... so I will start with this list of photos to give you an idea what the city looks like:
Old Town Square
 National Theater at night.
The Rudolfinum
 Night view over Prague city centre.
 St. Vitus Church
 Trem system in Prague.
 Czech Senate Garden
Old City Square at night with famous Prague Astronomical Clock.
Famous Prague Dancing Building.
Prague National Museum.
Artificial Rock Wall.

As one can see from the photos above... there is a lot of tourist attraction sites in Prague. What I have put up on this blog so far is just a rain drop compare to the thunderstorm. My suggestion when visiting  Prague: At least one week to walk around and visit every museum. The atmosphere that is generated by the tourists in this city is quite unique. even when the elder are walking down the street, you still get this 'Next Generation Social life' feeling. 
Franz Kafka couldn't have been more right when he said: "Prague never lets you go... this dear little mother has sharp claws". I would like to go back one day and finish exploring this marvelous city. 
One of the most interesting things I saw in Prague was a pathway which is referred to as The Smallest Street in Prague. It is actually a pathway connecting an upper art of the city to the lower part of the city.... and it has a robot! Beware, for in the photo it doesn't look like steep climb... but as you know, looks can sometimes be deceiving. For the down part it is quite nice, it leads to a cafe bar... and good news... those taste buds will also be awarded with a nice cold beer if climbing the stairs to the top. I do not know of any accidents, but traffic jams are quite regular, so please equip yourself with something to keep you busy with while waiting...
On Monday morning, 21 May 2012, I left the Hotel without a map, without any plans for the day... Just exploring! I started walking in one direction... one pathway leading to the other... and after about 2 hours of walking, I found myself at the foot-end of the Prague Eiffel tower (Petrin Observation Tower). the tower is a mere 60m tall, but when climbing it, with winds from all side testing your balancing skills you learnt in primary school... for some people that 60m could be quite challenging. the steps which lead to the top of the tower is quite narrow and steep. After enjoying this wonderful adventure the 60m climb has to offer, one is awarded with the best panoramic view like no other! 

It was my 25th birthday on 22 May 2012... and I couldn't have experienced this day any better. And yes... I was really lazy that day... and for the people who know me... I really appreciated that piece of Steak and a nice cold beer on that day...  I left Prague that night after I had said goodbye to my mother. 

Like I mentioned before, the vibe of Prague is nice... but cannot be explained to somebody.... You must experience it yourself! "The ancient splendor and beauty of Prague, a city beyond compare, left an impression on my imagination that will never fade..." - Richard Wagner.

Even though the time was short and we couldn't visit all of the places... it was a great honor for me to have spent this time and sharing it with my mother... and hopefully in the near future... the rest of my family! I missed you all (Liewe Jesus het my geseën om n familie soos julle te he!). 

Two months left in Europe.... time is running out, so let's start planning the next tour.....

Until we meet again...

; )

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Touring with Da Mom!

On Wednesday night (at around 20:00pm) I was waiting at Dresden Hauptbahnhof, looking for a bus on its way containing a surprise... And believe me, it was a nice surprise. After spending over three months in Germany, to see a family member's face was quite comforting. My mother came to visit me in Dresden.

And before I knew it, I became the tour guide for Dresden.

I had about three days to show her Dresden.... where to start? As you've already read from my previous postings, Dresden is a city which requires time when visiting, but it was time for me to improvise...

I took her through all the main attractions in Dresden (whicg was mentioned in my previous posts 1 and 2) so I'm not going to mention it again. On thursday I convinced my mother to climb the chairs of the famous Dresden Frauenkirche (Woman Church) to experience the panoramic view of Dresden from the tower... and every step was worth it! I think this photo will describe the thousand words I wanted to type:

No matter how many times I walk down the streets in Dresden, my head still turns at the beautiful architecture of this beloved place. A city so precious, so much history and so friendly! When you get a chance to visit Germany, I will definitely recommend to experience what this city has to offer! just grab a bockwurst in one hand a city map in the other and explore!

On Saturday we decided to visit Bautzen. We arrived in Bautzen only after 12:00pm because we took the wrong train at first... but when we arrived, we were surprised by a festival! It was the 1010th Bautzen  Spring Festival. It was quite an unique festival compared to what I have experienced before. There was a balance between nature, culture and engineering... uniting all the different interests into one big celebration. A section on the one side of the festival was dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and illustrating the current projects where are taking place. 
The also had some owls and falcons on display where visitors were able to interacts with them. On the other side of the festival was a section specifically dedicated to culture, where music was played by a marching band and small curio shops down the street. there were people demonstrating traditional blacksmith techniques and also displayed traditional clothes worn during the battle times. And another side of the festival was dedicated to motor fanatics. This section was all about racing and adrenalin junkies. A variety of motorcycles were on display together with some racing cars and gliders. Below are some photos from the festival and of Bautzen:
Bautzen bus station.
Bautzen town square.
Bautzen town square.
St. Petri Church in Bautzen.
Me giving the owl a neck massage at the 1010th Bautzen Spring Festival.
Blacksmith techniques being demonstrated in Bautzen.
Fit for battle.
Old but still pumping the fuel.

I can't say a lot about Bautzen itself, but from what I experienced from the couple of hours visiting this city I think a day trip to Bautzen is worth it.

After experiencing the agonizing pain of walking on cobblestone pathways the whole day, it was time to go back to Dresden. We spend our last hours of the day in Dresden Altstadt and were entertained by the Classical Music Festival of Dresden. I really enjoyed the experience; watching a live classical orchestra while being surrounded with the old buildings and sun shining on a late afternoon...

After the music, we passed a really creative panhandler demonstrating a different way of doing ''business' ... and he was quite good!

we left Altstadt at about 21:00pm to get enough rest for the tour which followed... but you can read more about that on the next post.

Eine schöne abend für du und hoffen du habt geniesst die lesen.
(... at least I'm trying to work on my German without google translate... ;) )

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